Lon-art is an arts organisation that offers a platform for everyone to create, collaborate and reflect upon social issues through the arts.

Our vision is to raise awareness about social issues with a particular focus on women, empowering individuals and promoting critical thinking through activist art.

Our mission is to create cultural events, art workshops, talks and social exhibitions to represent those less-heard voices of our society. We create, collaborate, reflect and take action involving all social agents to contribute to positive social changes. Our approach is grounded on the interaction between artists, communities and change makers to benefit all.

Our beneficiaries are: the general public, charities, women, children and underrepresented communities across London and abroad.

Our partners are: charities, institutions, arts organisations and private companies or individuals that share our social values.

Our ethos strives for gender-race-age diversity, representation and equal opportunities. When we refer to women, we include trans women and gender non-conforming individuals – without them, our mission wouldn’t be complete.