Yvonne Schäfer

Yvonne Schäfer is a stage and costume designer, illustrator and object artist from Germany. The stage has become her 'natural habitat' (sort of) whether it may involve standing on a 13 feet ladder (is that bad luck?) to paint walls or hammering nails into a piece of wood. This affinty to the often-quoted World's Stage can be seen in her two-dimensional works, too: The seemingly dull and gray moments of everyday life are turned into something colourful and magic by just setting the colour palette, the lighting and the focus right. She is currently studying scenography and costume design at the renowned Mozarteum University in Salzburg where she has designed the settings and costumes for over 8 theatrical and musical pieces, directed and designed 3 short films and produced a massive flood of drawings, photos and illustrations over the last 4 years. Besides making Art, Yvonne enjoys her time lifting weights, puzzling over jigsaws (2D as well as 3D) and roaming around the wild fields called 'Life' always on the lookout for the next inspirational moment.