STORY FOR FOOD is a model for an alternative economy based on stories. 

It will be a cafe shop in Berlin where you trade your story for food and drinks.

This initiative is based on the concept  "STORY FOR # an alternative economy based on stories", as developed by Christina Kyriazidi in 2016, and it aspires to create a physical space where stories are treated as a new kind of currency.

SFF will also include an audio library of undocumented stories (personal and fictitious), and it will become the platform that permits stories to  travel from a chosen memory or imagination to somebody else's reflection or creation, through events like FOODBACK, SWEETBACK, ARTBACK,
MUSICBACK and AROMABACK, where stories are translated into specific food, object, melody and perfume.

It aspires to gather undocumented stories: personal or fictitious.
Its’ mission is to help value stories in society by encouraging the practise of sharing them and, of course, foster the culture of listening to them.

Wealth is associated with money. Let’s challenge that! Let’s associate wealth with stories. Let’s trade our stories!

What would the world look like if we introduced a parallel intangible currency?
Is it possible to trade story for food?