REACTION Visuals ©

Live visual production.
Union of the sonorous and visual sense in synchronicity, perception. Artistic audiovisual communication service in live and exhibition.

- To contribute to the culture, cultivation of the human spirit and its intellectuality.
- Increase sensory perception.
- Create jobs for artists.
- Expression of the human being.
- Revaluing the feel.
- Revaluing the power of the imagination. (Einstein: "the true sign of intelligence is not in knowledge but imagination.")
- Promote by means of technology, the exhibition of art and art itself.
- Use technology, counteracting the use of drugs/narcotics; Being the means
to bring the human being closer to feel.
- Inclusion and social reintegration, an artist is a human being, is a Perspective of feeling communication.
- Dialogue and intercultural interchange, a connection of the world.
- Revaluing and enriching art (the WORK), promoting art. Union Arts.
- Revaluing the elements of art (brushstroke, line, point, texture, shape, value,
space, etc. visually speaking and soundly, music, sound, timbre, tone, voice, duration, intensity, Accent, tonality, etc.), as well as its power, functionality, and interaction.
- Co-creation.
- Promote improvisation and creativity.
- Translate words, music, in visual code, for its greater scope of general knowledge conscience in humans. Make multilingual, the message.
- Education. The music teaches.