Pop-Kultur Berlin

Pop-Kultur is an international festival based in Berlin. The festival gives artists in the entire world the opportunity to create new art and showcase it as a world premiere on stage. The focus lies on visionary extentions within the various fields of production work with a special weight on the performance approach. »Pop-Kultur« emphasizes internationality and sexual diversity.

The festival is based on three elemental foundations: 1. live (music, talks, readings, exhibitions and films) 2. »Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs« 3. networking.

»Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs« the talent program of »Pop-Kultur« connects 250 young talents from all over the world with artists of the live program as well as with influential people from the fields of economics, politics and the music industry via over 40 workshops. This also happens in the spirit of collaboration and a non-hierarchical exchange of thoughts and opinions. The goal is to continue strengthening this element of the festival to support and train the creators of tomorrow.