• Sketches

    Project by Tatiana

    random sketches and studies
  • An illustration for some of my personal ideas and views.
  • "Il silenzio mi fece sentire depressa. Non era il silenzio del silenzio. Era il mio silenzio. Sapevo benissimo che le automobili facevano rumore e che la gente dentro le automobili e dietro le finestre delle case faceva rumore, e che il fiume faceva rumore, ma io non sentivo niente". (Sylvia...
  • Played with time exposure and light at night with my lomo cam Diana F+. You can never plan or predict Lomography. Thats the reason why I love to take photos with my analogue cam. Be inquisitive. Experiment. No plan. No rules. Only my inner voice. If you think these photos are perfectly for an...
  • chronic - /ˈkrɒnɪk/ adj. 1. (of an illness) persisting for a long time or constantly recurring. A domestic dance.
  • Oil on canvas 150 x 200 cm 2015
  • Some examples of my new series of paintings.
  • Continuing my "multiverse" exploration of Urban life and its environment, I decided to frame it through the anamorphic cinematic perspective, enjoying a DOF of a tele perspective and thus having a more balanced proportion of the city with an wide-angle view of the same.
  • It's about basically TIDES. When the sea goes and comes the sea creatures stay stable. Tiny shells stays behind without the salty water and the shades. The sand looks much dryer also the move of waves stays there on the sand with lovely edges. I captured the moments and looked at them...

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